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The state of being a dicktard, which is a half retard/half dick. Dicktardation most commonly occurs among the species known as homo sapiens. See also: fucktardation.
How is it possible for these insane arguments for drug prohibition to continue in our supposedly advanced culture? Isn't it time to recognize that the so-called 'war on drugs' cannot be 'won', and merely persists because of its enormously consistent profitability? History has shown us that the only way to reduce the potential for harm in prohibited drugs is to legalize, educate and regulate.

Unfortunately, due to massive dicktardation on the part of the politicians, judges and police who create and enforce these puritanical prohibition laws, rampant gang violence and the senseless incarceration of non-violent 'offenders' will continue on endlessly.
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. November 10, 2010
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