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1. When your friends tell you they're going to do something with you and then change the plans so that end up being discluded

2. When something happens and you get the short end of the stick
Damnit, Janet and Parker totally dicked me over, they said we were going to go to the grand opening of the restaurant together and they told me it was on a different day and went with out me...

DUDE i just went to the mall and tried to buy a 5 dollar ft long sub and they charged me 8.50! I totally got dicked over
by Hannah H May 09, 2008
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When someone is put into a position where they are totally screwed. Often the person responsible for this is awarded the Dick of the Year award.
(while playing mini golf)
Person 1-"Aww, what the hell, your ball is right between mine and the hole!"
Person 2-"Yeah, you really got dicked over on that one."
by Professional B.A.M.F. October 11, 2008
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Verb; when your "posse", "friends", "niggas", etc. play a joke or make you miserable.
Fuck! Susan and Frank went to the basketball game without me...I've been dicked over. Oh well i can always play with Susans unwashed undies with fresh coochie stains!
by pyan August 03, 2003
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