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To be being beaten heavily in sport or business. If you are the one that is being beaten then you are being "dicked on". If you are beating someone else then you are "dicking on" them.
my lord, we are getting dicked on!!

come on!!! we are completely dicking on them!!
by mungo February 19, 2004
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if you get completely owned at somthing youve been dicked on.

a form of tea bagging but metaphorical
*head shot on COD4* ... omg you got dicked on!

or instead of you got wrecked... you got dicked on!

by Mr.CoolWaters August 15, 2008
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To have the absolute shit kicked out of you
Jeff: Hey man whats with all the bruises.

David: I got "Dicked On" in a fight last night.

Jeff: That sucks man.
by ZStan August 31, 2009
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