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15 definitions by MoLincs

A disorganised situation which comes about in an organisation because the shower who call themselves management didn't or couldn't think ahead so didn't see it coming.
The simplest form of 'shambles' which could have been foreseen by any 12 year old.
When X and Y were away from the office at the same time, no one knew how to answer the phone turning everything into a shambles but it wasn't a complete shambles as email still worked.
by MoLincs November 29, 2011
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The second tier of organisational shambles caused by management failing to understand even the basics of how an office operates.

Unlike a simple shambles, it could be foreseen by any educated 10 year old.
Sending the member of staff who paid the accounts to work in another office resulted in neither the electricity or water bills being paid, instantly reducing the office to a complete shambles which was far worse than the shambles when only the water bill had been unpaid.
by MoLincs November 29, 2011
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effect of a bra at lest one size too small causing a bulge over the top of the cup. Either due to someone trying to look like they have more than they have, or being too fat for an old bra.
Having nothing else clean to wear, Waynetta wore her oldest bra, even though it gave her a severe council house bulge.
Chelsea wanted to impress Kevin so she stuffed her bra with padding underneath, she thought it gave her an impressive cleavage but everyone else thought it was just council house bulge.
by MoLincs October 24, 2009
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Old fashioned running shoe, plimsol, pump.
Derived from an advertisment for Dunlop Athletic Plimsols' but now a common term for sports shoes and trainers in parts of England and Wales.
Teacher to class: "get your daps on" (hurry up).
Also, 'diahorrea' is shit with daps on....
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
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A mixture of possibly and probably, indicating an uncertain degree of uncertainty.
A; "You going to be on-line tomorrow?"
B: (having no idea one way or the other), "Prossibly".
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
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Trying to do the near impossible due to having or being given the wrong tools or insufficiency of time.
Usually preceded by "like pushing...".
The refusal of management to see the blindingly obvious despite it being pointed out and insisting upon something inappropriate.
A:"Can you get this new program to print?".
B:"No, I've told the service centre every day this week but they still say it's ok; dealing with them is like pushing diarrhoea uphill with a rake".
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
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Derived from 'green envy'; a political stance based upon envy of anyone earning more than the commentator regardless of skill or ability. Perception by some that politicians are all freeloaders and worthless so not entitles to a reasonable rate of remuneration.
The 'green' may or may not be a reference to the 'greenback' US $.

Nothing to do with the environment.
Q: So, how is it that Mr.Xyz is worth £65k pa ($100,000)?

He only sits there and votes occasionally.
A: That's just green politics because no one thinks you are worth that much!
by MoLincs July 23, 2010
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