10 definitions by Tom Bowtell

A person, animal or carnivorous plant that finds nourishment in the arse of others.
Emilie is, without shadow of a doubt, one of the world's most adept bottynibblers.
by Tom Bowtell February 26, 2003
A small cork lady to be placed inside your warmest bits as a plug.
Ruby, my chazzy nozzle has floated beyond and I'm gushing.
by Tom Bowtell March 20, 2003
Something a Matthew Amer does with furious vigour when speaking to Lee Latchford-Evans from STEPS. Also applies to John Barrowman and, in certain lights, Mike Read.
Matthew Amer caught up for a chat with Lee over a quick hand jive.
by Tom Bowtell March 19, 2003