liquid shit and piss that can sometimes hurt
"qrplomp" says the diahrea "O shit i shouldn't have had that chipotle"
by fuckinbitchestogetmoney April 17, 2016
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After eating an excessive amount of food you enter a car and drive around terrible roads making your car to bounce which in turn your stomach rumbles and you soon release da poo poo
no man not this road there are too many potholes im gonna get car diahrea
by thatguyissexy October 19, 2011
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To have chronic diahrea all in one sitting. Diahrea Bubbles are classified into 5 classes:
*Class 1: Regular diahrea that you normally take at in home facilities.
*Class 2: Enhanced regular diahrea, where you have to speedwalk into a facility and you don't care if it's in a public facility.
*Class 3: When there is a time limit of 5 minutes or lower until total fecal defecation.
*Class 4: When you have to literally release wherever you are standing after you feel the warning.
*Class 5: No one has ever lived to tell. It's the final 21 grams that leaves your body after you die.
"Dude....DB.....class 3..."
(Suggestion of running after this quote)

"Sorry that I couldn't come any sooner, boss. I had a diahrea bubble to take care of."
by Jake March 3, 2005
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a condition where somone speaks for a long period of time without makeing a rational point.
Somone suffering from diahrea of the mouth would explain situations as follows:

Like Sarah went to the mall to buy these shoes that were like so last season; and when I told her she was all like "like you would have any real fasion sense anyway" and I was like "like as if" and she was like "AS IF!!!" Can you believe her? I mean, you know?
by JimRiech May 21, 2006
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Diahrea that creates a sort of diahrea vapour and condenses on your asscheek and up the toilet bowl, causing you to wipe your ass cheeks and clean the toilet.
It took me 20 minutes to clean off my ass from that nuclear diahrea
by Tombski July 20, 2005
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completely shitting your pants... not hard, but runny shit. (VERB)
dude... GROSS! that guy just diahrea-ud on your couch.

ew... she diahrea-ud and now her cat's eating it.
by LS424 August 25, 2008
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Its an infection that makes you..
°poo becomes weird and slimy (kinda like a liquid)
°butt burns
by RatzzR0ckit April 29, 2022
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