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Incredibly handsome. Intelligent. Talented. Sweet. Sexy. Fun Loving. Carefree. Funny... The greatest man you could ever meet. Quite the ladies man. Dazzles women with his subtle charm and hypnotizes with his tremendous smile. NO women has the ability to resist. With his God-like abilities in bed, any woman would be considered lucky to be with him. And he does not have sex with you... He makes sweet, passionate love.
The XX Beer Man considers HIM to be the most interesting man in the world.
Very loyal and faithful. There will NEVER be a dull moment when you are by his side. He shall treat his woman like the queen she truly is.
Although his impeccable, good looks give off a macho impression... He is truly kind at heart and is a sensitive guy. Very romantic person who is unafraid to expose his true feelings to his lover. Will do anything to please his woman.
Although he is multi-talented he is very modest.
He is such an Ismael.
by Jesus C. of Nazareth August 03, 2012
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someone who rages on fortnite and is also trash at the game
Bruh, he's being an ismael because I no scoped him on playground mode.
by Mnawabi October 21, 2018
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#sexy #big black Dick # rich #mint at fortnite
Ismael can get any lass he wants and bangs her
by 999999999$$$$$ May 23, 2018
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A cocky guy who thinks he is always right, but rarely is. Ismael refuses to admit that others might know more than him. He is kinda a brat and is very selfish when it comes to helping his friends. Ismael's would benefit greatly from being put in their place every once in a while.
Ismael would be so much more successful if he would just listen to his coworker every once in a while. Maybe even get her food on occasion when she is hangry.
by TheAllKnowingGirl October 31, 2017
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Calls himself the 'sauce god', thinks he's a boss but he's really just a frauudddd
That Ismael dude over there is covering himself in ketchup and saying he's a sauce god.
by fooler June 06, 2018
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A wanna be hard man but can never be hard because he is too much of a nonce
Kid: Did you hear timmy wanted to scrap martin

Kid 2: Oh my god timmy is such a Ismael
by I am proper solid October 29, 2018
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