(duh-VEE-to) v. (transitive) 1. to completely screw up an otherwise managebale situation by garbling information, misrepresenting your abilities, or making assumptions one is not qualified to make. past tense "devitoed"
"We set up a projector to display DVD for the client, but it turned out they really needed internet access to display streaming web media. The clients facilitator really devitoed us."
by Tek1 April 21, 2006
Drinking about 13 cans of beer on a night to represent Danny Devito's height. If you stacked the cans you just drank, danny devito would stand about this tall.
I did a devito last night, how was your night?
I have a huge hangover from that devito last night
by lebowski1234 July 4, 2010
To love and pray to Danny DeVito. Danny DeVito is worshiped as a god-like being because of his unnatural dwarf like stature and comedic genius.
You must devote to DeVitoism
by Adolphin123 November 14, 2018
The religious order which worships the almighty God Danny Devito. It is a known fact that Devitoists own every film starring Danny Devito, even the ones which haven't been made yet.
The Lord Almighty must be prayed to at least 30 times a day, through vigorous sacrificial sessions.
Strict followers of Devitoism are cursed with the extreme power of a Magnum Dong.
Dan: I'm thinking about joining Devitoism.
Mary: Wow! I to am a strict Devitoist.
Greg: Now let us sacrifice that child to the great lord Danny Devito.
by James P. Sullivan October 9, 2019
The god of all men. Has the ability to kill all of his opponents with the singel swoop of his trash can.

He speaks for the trees and helps out Hercules. He is the new leader of this land, he is god almighty, he is Danny DeVito.
Danny DeVito is god of this land we all shall bow down to our lord.
by Skelecool July 19, 2018
The god himself. The lord and savior of the egg kingdom. The creator of all life known in the universe and beyond. A big religious icon in the world and especially in Hollywood.
Friend: Hey who’s your god?
Me: Oh just Danny Devito
by The_Egg_Slayer November 9, 2018