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To love and pray to Danny DeVito. Danny DeVito is worshiped as a god-like being because of his unnatural dwarf like stature and comedic genius.
You must devote to DeVitoism
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by Adolphin123 November 14, 2018
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The religious order which worships the almighty God Danny Devito. It is a known fact that Devitoists own every film starring Danny Devito, even the ones which haven't been made yet.
The Lord Almighty must be prayed to at least 30 times a day, through vigorous sacrificial sessions.
Strict followers of Devitoism are cursed with the extreme power of a Magnum Dong.
Dan: I'm thinking about joining Devitoism.
Mary: Wow! I to am a strict Devitoist.
Greg: Now let us sacrifice that child to the great lord Danny Devito.
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by James P. Sullivan October 09, 2019
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