The devil's dick is a frozen tube of sperm rather than just a shot glass that can be inserted into a gay man prior to intercourse. The sexy part is the amount of sperm it takes and the fact that the melting cum becomes a lubricant for the major sex act.
Before the gang bang started Johnnie was lubricated with a long Devil's dick lovingly prepared over weeks by Tim.
by happy bottom July 11, 2006
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The act of freezing a large amount of cum (usually in a shot glass) and then inserting it in an ass, thereby getting fucked by it.
In the porn movie the guy got fucked by a devil's dick.
by Gay November 02, 2004
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N. usually in reference to a 'fuckboy'

-A penis SO FUCKING ENCHANTED it is capable of putting one under a spell much like the devil himself. A penis so MAGNIFICENT that it will drive you to the point of absurdity just to obtain it. Proceed with caution.
'Hey stranger, wyd'
'I'm out w my girls'
'I can't get you out of my head..I wanna see you'
by Asking for a friend October 12, 2016
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An exceptionally amazing dick that happens to be attached to the daddiest of all daddy’s, who knows his dick is so good, it fixes any attitude problems and makes you be faithful when y’all not even together.
by BenDover8008135 August 11, 2019
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When the dick so good her eyes roll back and you think you need to call an exorcist. Also known as the Double D
Man I gave Linda the devil dick so good last night hey eyes rolled back and she started drooling, I thought I had to call a preacher.
by Dank devil dick September 12, 2017
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