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The act of freezing a large amount of cum (usually in a shot glass) and then inserting it in an ass, thereby getting fucked by it.
In the porn movie the guy got fucked by a devil's dick.
by Gay November 02, 2004

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someone who thinks they are way too cool for owning an ipod. you might find an islut flaunting their ipod constantly, or engaging in lengthy conversation while donning their trademark white headphones. isluts like to hang out at starbucks, and they like to think that they are intellectuals and individuals
That islut is quite the looker with those emo glasses
by gay April 26, 2005

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One who is the extremity of gay.
Wow, he almost sucks as much dick as Xavas!
by gay June 04, 2003

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a synonym used for the liquor store when underage college freshmen need to discuss "business" in front of their RA's.
Freshmen #1: Hey Dave, we need to stop by the candy store before tonight's festivities begin.

Freshmen #2: Do you have a fake ID?

RA: Why do you need a fake ID to go to buy candy?

Freshmen #1 and #2 (in unison): Shut up bitch, mind your own business.

RA: Ok, sorry.
by gay April 29, 2005

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To be gay and know every type of propaganda that goes around the HSC campus.......and he digs guys
To be Jud Root is to not know the truth
by Gay April 07, 2003

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when you are cool, you don't need to be told you're cool cos that makes it lame. however, if no one tells you then how would you know? thinking you're cool makes you uncool. not thinking you're cool when you are makes you ignorant. when you don't care about what others think of you and you're okay with who other people are, you're cool. there is a fine line between COOL and GAY and TRYHARD WANNABE. when you're not hyper/annoying, and people like you, you're cool. rambling on like this is not cool.
1. homer simpson is cool!
2. lameness is not cool
3. a half melted ice cube is cool
4. being indifferent is cool
5. typos a ren ot cool
6. gay is cool
7. school is not cool
5. jigging is boring.
9. whups. wrong number. DRUGS ARE NOT COOL
10. boring is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by gay October 13, 2004

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1) The people who truely ARE goths

2) The people who claim to be goths (usually posers 'cause no one liked them) ... yet listen to linkin park, simple plan and Good Charlotte because they are Dark/metal O.o ..
1) Wow, goths are pretty cool!

2) Posers are lame... like linkin park
by gay April 07, 2005

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