A girl that is absolutely perfect in every way shape and form. Her personality alone is perfect. Her body and her face are absolutely perfect
Desire is looking great today...damn” “desire is so nice wtf
by Kthxbye2248 March 5, 2019
When you really want sumthin bad!!!
'Joe, you're my desire!'
by Deita May 13, 2005
the need to be seen, heard, touched by another; to crave; to create points of contact,thresholds, between two individuals either physically, through skin and flesh, or mentally, through memory.
she was overwhelmed by her desire for his touch.
by kristi-ji September 26, 2008
desire is the basic, fundamental component of every living organism.
without desire, you do not exist.
those that do not have desires are god, already-dead organisms, and organisms that have not been created yet.
1: yo tim, let's grab something to eat.
2: hell no, i got no desire, therefore i don't desire food.
1: but if you don't desire food, then obviously you're desiring death, and that's another desire.
2: ....
by Chaos.Envoy September 26, 2009
ever felt

a yearning
so bad it made you

tense up
desire makes me *do* things
it makes me act like boarding a plane
or writing an invitation
I wonder what you do

when desire's got you
what do you *do* for someone you desire?
Just asking for a friend.
by Couch sweet potato June 12, 2019
A girl who's pretty, unique, and fun. Most describe a Desire as a "diva" or "spunky." She has great sense in style. she is usually drawn toward the arts. Desire's tend to have a great personality. Can be wild and playful at times. Can be mysterious and secretive. But, is a very loyal friend.
Kid 1 "Who's that?"
Kid 2 "Oh her? That's Desire. I hear she is really nice and boy, she's very fun!"
by Creativity counts! September 23, 2019
An implied requirement, that is not specifically required.
It is a desirement to takeoff in under 2000 feet.
by Ty June 4, 2004