A gamer superstition. The Desire Sensor detects what rare item, or event you are farming for, and prevents the game from giving it to you. Only when you forget about it, or no longer need it will the item drop, or event happen.
"Holy shit the Godsword Dropped! I remember running this dungeon for months, and I never got this damn thing. Of course now its worthless. Friggin Desire Sensor, why do you tease me so."
-MMO player's lament
by Fatalfencer January 13, 2012
A ugly bitch that cheats on ryan.."brian"
Desire is thick
by Monteeeeee2028 February 21, 2019
Possibly the best song on Muse's album The Resistance. Includes sick beats, and a thumping base. Matt plays a keyboard guitar for the melody and does a hell of a good job. The music video is also incredibly good, picturing them in a "rock laboratory" MUST LISTEN TO!!
After hearing the song "undisclosed desires" live, I was changed forever
by flygon=bestPokemon December 4, 2009
Desire(e) is a cool person that will always have your back, independent , and doesn't take bullsh*t . Humble and funny asab. Worries about others more than themselves. Last but NOT least Beautiful AF.
I saw a Desire(e) today and, man I think I like her.
by Dedeprincess January 26, 2017
Gowan's unexplainable sexual weakness to the feminized moonlight's desires.
These moonlight desires haunt me, they want me.
by ronj December 8, 2014
I have a burning desire to eat all this bread.
by ASRlEL August 22, 2018