1. noun
An idiot.

2. verb
Self owned, autopwnage, reflexive owership.
1. That guy is really a Dershowitz. I can't believe how dumb he is.

2. You're really Dershowitzing hard, buddy; maybe you should go to Cooley to learn some ethics.

by Chomskification September 16, 2006
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1. Term for an unprincipled person who lies and pretends to be a victim in order to gain public sympathy when threatened with exposure as the fraud he or she is. These tactics are similar to the 'Big Lie' used in nazi germany.

2. A person incapable of or unwilling to tell the truth. See turnspeak .
Man, that guy is such a Dershowitz! Why can't he just admit he is wrong? Instead he has to attack anyone who points out his lies. I feel sorrry for him.
by DaddyTruthSeeker May 7, 2007
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When you are no longer invited to parties of the intelligentsia in places like Martha's Vineyard for expressing particular views or defending former President Trump.
I got Dershowitzed from the Hampton's Party for defending Guiliani in Court.
by Varus85 July 15, 2024
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someone so corrupt (especially an attorney) that any association with them is proof of guilt.
He hired a dershowitz and now the judge and everyone on the jury assumes he is guilty
by MonkeyEsq October 27, 2020
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A person who is unlikeable and avoided becasue they lack loyalty and principles.
Don't be a Dershowitz.

Don't invite him, he's such a Dershowitz.
by Keeping it real? July 17, 2022
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