The state of feature(s) of a programming language, or sections of code that have been rendered obsolete. It's use is a tongue-in-cheek replacement for the word deprecated.
I rewrote your application to replace your nasty script-kitty scribble with efficient, and elegant object based code, thus your drivel has been depreciated.
by !EOF January 17, 2007
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(v.) The act of depreciating, is lowering the value of an asset with a calculable value. This mostly refers to the value for old items falling as the demand for them wanes.
There is a lot of depreciation to be considered on the prices of cars where the manufacturer constantly changes the look. 50's, 60's and 70's Mercedes-Benz were almost unchanged, right down to the starting point for change- the headlights. This means that such collectors items are worth more (when inflation is added) then current Mercedes will be at that age. Since BMW likes to change appearance more often, thier cars depreciate more.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
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A freak-folk band created from members based in the hometown of Chicago.
There's a Deprecious gig? Let's hit that shit up dude!
by PAPA$PICE March 7, 2011
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Precious in an indescribable way, a darkened precious, someone who looks fragile.
"She looks very deprecious today."
by James Zoworski November 4, 2003
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An adorable combination of depressed and precious. Used to describe animals or people who are are dispassionate, malcontent, or grumpy, while maintaining an irresistibly adorable quality.
"Your dog looks so sad! But he's really cute." "Yes, he does have a certain tragic deprecious quality about him."
by Carolina Plantagenet June 9, 2012
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home improvement projects completed during a depreciating real estate market
I completed the patio project and gained some sweat depreciation.
by 1SmartBlonde July 2, 2009
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A prominent butt that in twenty years will be only a shadow of its former glory
Mike: Hey that girl has a fine ass.......
Steve: Yea, but wait a few years and it will be a totally Depreciating Asset.....
by hokie89 October 15, 2011
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