a slang term for your house
in my skool everyone either saz, house, crib, or casa, while im prob the only one who saz den
by pimp daddy dollars January 13, 2005
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A fort made by a kid or a group of kids for them to hang out. A den is usually made out of large pieces of trash like old wooden planks and a tilet... Ok maybe not the toilet but I have seen one den like that!
by craig May 07, 2004
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yours or someones hangout spot, and where everyone chills out. It has everything, it has food, games, everything. Basically it's amazing.
Ayye, wanna come over to my den??
by kiwibo October 15, 2019
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Short for Denny's, that restaurant with the Grand Slam Breakfast.
"Ok get ya kids but then they got their friends
I Pulled up in the Benz, they all got up In
We all went to Den and then I had to pay" - Kanye West
by Stacy October 26, 2005
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