When you go to town with your friends then go to get a piercing but actually go to an area that is known by the squad 'the den' and have sexual intercourse. This usually results in leaves in your trousers.
Where have those two gone?
Probably denning as usual.
by Dwayne Jamal Dante Lamar May 16, 2016
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The coolest person in the world, with the hottest comb-over and the sexiest laugh ever, and thats it
by flaganginaers January 21, 2012
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A Savage Skullfucking, maniac who has mystical, elusive powers. who can intertwine himself with any woman on the planet
Den Den was spotted in Marianos buying excessive amounts of monster, bewildering all of the woman in the establishment.
by Yeti858 December 3, 2018
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slang term for Almaden Valley where shit is always poppin off.
The Den is where its at, there is no place like it
by jloc October 19, 2006
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He proceeded to his den where he sat and read.
by H4Inf April 9, 2003
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Origin: New Zealand.

Add this on to then end of a sentence to mean the opposite. The equilvalent is saying Not!

He was hot, den
by wellynz March 21, 2009
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Supreme being

Potentialy all you ever need

One day, once evolution is fulfilled we will all look this good.
Oh Michael!

Mr Denning with these Roche you are realing spoiling us!
by Duke of Dorset November 25, 2005
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