person 1:Hey did u hear about the new character kazuha?
person 2: yea, hes really ugly..
person 1: I hope u fall off that fucking swing and break your fucking neck.
by claysballz June 30, 2021
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The love of my life, when I first saw kazuha my life changed. Before I was sad and lonely but when I first heard him talk all my worries went away. I listen to kazuha’s voice every night on repeat to help me sleep as well as re-enacting scenes from the game that he was in to feel his essence 😤! I’ve drawn him so many times every line could fill the ocean and my love for him is bursting with so much energy that the wind knows my name. For anyone going through a rough time seek kazuha today.
Person 1: is there anything to cure my depression?

Person 2: kazuha 🤩
by Cari5698 November 13, 2022
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kazuha is the most scrumptious, most ethereal, most exquisite, elegant, majestic being to ever exist. i swear to god. that man could run me over and i would be the one apologising.
- ‘hey you know that rlly fit guy??’
- ‘oh yeah kazuha. yeah i know him’
by kazuhas REAL gf :/ April 30, 2022
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Kazuha is the hottest fucking genshin impact character. His long silky hair with his beautiful red streak, his beautiful eyes shine, his body is great to look at.
Me: Kazuha is so fucking hot he makes me moan so loudly whenever I see him.
Classmate: Kazuha is so ugly.
Me: Go kill yourself, I hope you get in a car crash.
Classmate: No, you kill yourself, you play that stupid game genshin impact.
Me: Shut your fucking ugly ass goofy dry crusty musty badusty lips up. 💀
by Kazuhasnecksucker January 17, 2023
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a kind-hearted wandering samurai from inazuma, also shikanoin heizou's boyfriend - and my boyfriend. he has two hands for a reason.
kazuha is so amazing and incredible and perfect he can literally do no wrong
by cloudiiskyzz November 3, 2022
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A kazuha is a form of a spirit that arises from Mongolian folklore, as the nomadic cattle groups that live in the arid steppes of the region recall many encounters with this god.

The god known as kazuha is a widespread belief though the entirety of East Asia, however the belief and religion is most prevalent in the modern day nation of Mongolia.

Kazuha is believed to be a son of Gengis Khan and is supposed to be the god of the regions, he takes cares of the local ecosystem and punishes those who disrupt it, usually in the form of cursing you in never obtaining a character in wish again.

While few details are known about Kazuha, we do know that he is most likely a male with a strong body, with white hair and a red streak. Most other information about Kazuha is unknown nor accurate/confirmed.

Common forms of praying or honoring Kazuha is to be a good person and to be horny at any period of time. You also have to be deemed “hot” or “cute” for further blessing, as some regions of Mongolia believe.

Mongolia is the only nation that has Kazuha as a form of identity for its nation. Most people celebrate the sixty-ninth day of the year praying for him, with all form of economic activity being halted.
The lord Kazuha comes at dawn, preaching his blessing to the animals and the people of Mongolia. We shall respect him for his great duties to our land.
by Mongolia June 1, 2021
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Smexy af anemo man wich makes you want to cum in 3sec.
I wonder how he put the wet status in real life humans even thought he is anemo.(not to me obviously😏)
by KazuhaDick June 4, 2022
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