a name given to a person of great superiorty; very pretty
if i could be one thing it would be a lau
by stacy March 25, 2005
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emotion akin to love, but more powerful
okay, so i love my girlfriend, but i lau you, goobie.
by duttyyouth September 29, 2003
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phonetically : 'l-ow'

From the Japanese from to 'fuck'. used in a derogatory way.
Person 1: Wanna go hang with some boyz?
Person 2: Lau dat man!
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A member of the group the Laus. The laus are a group opposed to science lessons (especially those taught by Mr Roper). A lau is intelligent and extremely kewl but prefers arty subjects (art/drama) to factual subjects (science/maths). The name lau comes from the maiden name of lau 2's mother.
Lau 2: My mum's maiden name was Lau
Lau 1: Really? that's such a kewl name! I want to be a lau
by girl February 23, 2005
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sux at lax`
by jack May 22, 2003
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Hawaiian slang, literally, 'leaf-leaf'. Also called pakalolo.
You get da kine lau lau?
by kamehameha the what May 13, 2009
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