a name given to a person of great superiorty; very pretty
if i could be one thing it would be a lau
by stacy March 25, 2005
Used in the Netherlands a.k.a. Holland and surroundings as an extra definition to cool.
That's 'lau'.
(That's cool.)
by Güney Doganer August 29, 2003
emotion akin to love, but more powerful
okay, so i love my girlfriend, but i lau you, goobie.
by duttyyouth September 29, 2003
phonetically : 'l-ow'

From the Japanese from to 'fuck'. used in a derogatory way.
Person 1: Wanna go hang with some boyz?
Person 2: Lau dat man!
A member of the group the Laus. The laus are a group opposed to science lessons (especially those taught by Mr Roper). A lau is intelligent and extremely kewl but prefers arty subjects (art/drama) to factual subjects (science/maths). The name lau comes from the maiden name of lau 2's mother.
Lau 2: My mum's maiden name was Lau
Lau 1: Really? that's such a kewl name! I want to be a lau
by girl February 23, 2005
sux at lax`
by jack May 22, 2003