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A bro who rides dirt bikes. Commonly shows up at the track with a lifted truck and more bro friends who has a completely decked out bike with a lot of stickers and wears bro gear including but not limited to Fox, Metal Mullisha and SixSixOne. Deegan's typically do not race MX but show off via Free Style tricks.
Whoa did you see that Deegan? He hit a superman over that table top.
by antideegan July 15, 2009
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one who loves to have sex with little schoolboys outdoors (because they all say "you've gotta work them in early") while training squirrels to suck on his nuts (but they sometimes have a tendency to bite very hard)all while listening to the sound of gnome midgets having a massive circle jerk in which they shove sour-cream flavored dildoes in their asses (in and out to the beat)....all while listening to the thong song and wearing thongs themselves
"that kid is such a deegan"
"ur mom is such a deegan"
Kenny deegan is the biggest flamer in the world
by Master Bater January 15, 2005
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1. One who has no pull in Vegas.
2. A Sucker
You roll to the club with no girls, no reservation, and now you are waiting on line like a bunch of deegans.

They Got me flying standby like a deegan.
by eric on the spot January 22, 2008
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A sick cunt, everytime you hear or see his name you get aids and Ebola. Deegan says he’s all tough and everything but secretly when he goes home he cries and sucks his dogs pee pee.
“Hey look there’s a deegan over there!”
No man, I ain’t looking I don’t want diseases.”
“Yeah true man.”
by Nuggie Squad March 12, 2018
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