Don't do the deed like WD did or you'll be done.
by Colin Lindgren November 10, 2003
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A universal exclamation or statement used with a multitude of inflections depending on content. Used mainly by southerners when one doesn’t have anything else better to say on the topic. Or at least nothing nice to say about it.
“Mary just died...”

in response “deed” (While thinking I never liked her anyway)

“Mary’s pregnant, again...”

in response “DEED!” (While thinking She needs to get them tubes tied!)

“Mary’s gettin hitched!”

In response “Deeeeed...” (while thinking Who the hell did she sucker into playing daddy to all them lil basterds she’s got runnin around?)
by St_Sammy June 11, 2018
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It has multiple meanings.

1. a document signed in regards to the ownership of a property or legal rights.

2. Scottish slang for 'dead'

3. slang for 'sex' or 'masturbating'
1. Marcus was signing the deed for his new house on 28th Street.

2. You'll be deed after the beatin' i'll give ya.

3. He did the deed with his girlfriend.
by BerneseDog75 December 9, 2020
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Slang for 'sex'
In reference to 'The dirty deed'.
The word 'deed' can also be used as a prefix in the same context.
"I got deeds last night"
"I just deeded your mother"
"I think they're deeding upstairs"
by Caynus June 10, 2005
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I'll hit you in tha heed and make you deed
by J Stanners August 19, 2003
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A male lesbian. Characterized as a straight male who acts like a female. Therefore his attraction to females makes him a lesbian.
"That dude always wants to talk about his feelings and stuff, he is such a Deede"
by dfffdffff June 4, 2008
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