2 definitions by neal + kev

the removal of the head which normally consists of some idiot hacking off the head with an axe directed in the neck area.

also it can mean to lose ones limbs. via other methods to so watch out for the axe wielding maniac behind you!!!!!!
death by decapitation.

haha your head fell off

ur wiener has been decapitated

she bit so hard i endured my pecker being decapitated by her crooked snaggly teeth
by neal + kev July 18, 2006
a disease based on the allergic reaction to muffins. the symptoms include making you attracted to the opposite gender ur currently atrracted to, also you excrete muffins from the flange hole and the corn hole.you also can become addicted to muffins
holy moley ive got chocolate chip muffins comming out of my corn hole.

i scraped blueberries from my flange today

mmmm....muffins with a hint of trout

eating the healthy muffins causes flangella muffin fever
by neal + kev July 18, 2006