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When someone is walking, you make fart noises with your hands to the rhythm of their foot steps
Little did she know, the old woman was wearing duck shoes.
by Sethxy September 26, 2009
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Rolling coal is the act of modifying a diesel engine to supply a rich fuel mixture. This produces large black plumes of smoke. Sociologists have studied the connection between inbreeding and the modified diesel engines for many years.
The act of rolling coal has come to be known as a celebration in the United States as the love and commitment you share with your family.
Jimmy was proudly rolling coal while leaving the outskirts of the trailer park with his sister on his lap.
by Sethxy July 24, 2017
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Commonly used to say something has been proven false. A very popular word for propagandists to convey that a thorough investigation including scientific facts and proof beyond a shadow of doubt have been exhausted to find the truth. But in all reality is just an empty word for shortsighted listeners that in their opinion a view isn't widely accepted.
Very common among the main stream media, big pharma shills, and pro vaccine trolls.
Alexander proclaimed to his followers on Christian Facts radio that evolution has been thoroughly debunked ; Citing that the league of Jebus has found no supporting evidence.

Faced with a major loss of profits, Pharmaceutical alliance of ethical pediatricians co. aired a special television program hosted by hand puppets to debunk the link between vaccines and neurological disorders.
by Sethxy July 27, 2017
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