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Children, usually belonging to paupers, peasants, scroungers and other uneducated filth who really should have been sterilized at birth, who always look malnourished, pale, dark around the if they could die any moment. Death bed brats are always the ones who play grab-ass in post office queues, supermarket aisles, and anywhere else where they shouldn't be, and go into an almighty whining and moaning fit if their blank-eyed cow-brained parents reprimand them. Extended whining fits from death bed brats have been known to provoke nausea, tinnitus, or in some extreme cases, actual bodily harm.
"Those fucking death bed brats look so pale and skinny, I feel sorry for them."
"Fuck that, they'll outlive God himself - as long as the government continues to favour burdens of the state above hard-working, upstanding members of society."
by Jolly Farm Revue August 31, 2006
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