A card game played in a party setting, very fun way to get drunk
what you need:
1) pack of cards
2) alot of beer
3) 4 or more players

to start the game figure out a way to determine who goes first, an easy way is to draw cards and go by who gets the highest, second highest, third.. etc. the structure of the game is the first person going is the president, second is vice president, and each person gets a title of descending importance, until the last person who is the ASSHOLE. now throughout the game, everyone who has power can tell the ppl underneith them what to do. i.e. the president can say (EVERYONE CHUG YOUR BEER) and everyone has to. while the vice president can only tell the people under him to do stuff, and so on.

every player gets and equal ammount of cards, the first person to do anything is the player who has the 4 of SPADES and he has to put that card down. then the next person has to either put down another 4 or any higher card. then the next person would go and if they didnt have a card to throw down that was higher than the card on the table, they would be skipped and they have to drink a beer. If a player puts down a 3 it skips the next person unless they have a 2 to put down. playing a 3 also clears the pile of cards already on the table, and a new pile is started by the person who the round is skipped to. if a player has a pair of cards (say a pair of nines) the next player to go has to have a pair of tens or higher in order to beat it, or they will be skipped and have to drink, if no one has anything that can beat the card(s) on the table, then they would all drink (except for the person who played the card) and the pile would be cleared and the person who played the card would go again.

the game would go on until someone throws all their cards down, they will be the president for the next game, the next person to use all their cards is the vice president and so on. the loser is the asshole for next round.

also the president can make up rules, stupid rules such as anyone that touches their face has to drink. or anyone who says damn it has to drink.

atleast those are the rules ive played by.. spread the knowledge this game is awesome
play Asshole the Card Game and get drunk
by mark November 19, 2005
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