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A reality tv show on NBC that requires no skill, in which contestants merely choose briefcases at random. Recently, NBC demonstrated this by airing an episode where a monkey earned more money than a human contestant who was given the same setup of briefcases.
EX. 1
Host Howie: "Deal or no deal?"

Contestant: MOoohhahaH monkey sounds

EX. 2
Bill: Yeah, and to imagine I won it all on a game show.
Jim: Which one?
Bill: Deal or no deal?
Jim: Oh, the one that requires no skill.
by punkyBrewster January 14, 2009

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Nazi Zombies. And yes in that order, such that the zombie becomes a nazi AFTER he became a zombie. Oh and you can't get past level 11 for Zazis on COD5.
Shaun of the Dead: "Oh shit, those Zombies are Nazis!"
Winchester: "No, dude those aren't zombies-- their totally zazis!!"

COD5: "You will not survive."
by punkyBrewster January 14, 2009

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Miller, a.k.a. Pvt. Miller, is a character on COD5 who does all the shit that the sergeant won't do. More generally, a miller is someone who you make do all the dumb shit that you won't do yourself, mostly because it is life-threatening.
Sgt. Roebuck: Miller get on those MG's!

'Friend': Hey miller, get on that grenade.

'Friend 2': Yeah miller, cross the street without looking.
by punkyBrewster January 14, 2009

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