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A so-called "gothic" alternative to the blogger LiveJournal, it holds thousands upon thousands of screaming, 14-year-old gothic idiots. There is a much smaller percentage of actual, functioning writers on this side, but, I have yet to come across a single elusive specimin after six years in the field.
by deathtobees January 05, 2004
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a blog used mainly by the computer-whiz, HTML crazed, youth of today's society. deadjournalians usually change their layout monthly, as well as their anti-depressant medication. deadjournal is not for the squeamish or easily offended.
'my deadjournal is so tough, look at the layout!'
by whitwhit July 15, 2003
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The poor man's Livejournal and my personal home away from home, often utilized by illiterate masochist drama queens who were about three years too late with respect to the non-trend known affectionately as Blogging For Stupid People.
"oh em gee you guys... i totally have a crush on this guy from deadjournal known as the Quad, he's sew smart n stuff"
by Jane Dark December 22, 2003
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Can't fucking spell. Takes their "clever" theme much too far. Annoying as all hell unleashed.
Cemetary, mourge... what more, O God, is needed?
by cheeseleaf April 10, 2004
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