The extended version of OMG (oh my god/gosh/goodness). But, you may be asking, doesn't extending an acronym in text talk defeat its purpose? Yes, yes it does.
oh em gee, i cant wait 2 c u l8r.
by Crystal Fantasy May 25, 2010
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A really annoying, irritating, and borderline retarded way to say "oh my god". The kid who started the phrase was on crack.
"Like OHEMGEE Sarah!!! You grew a dick last night!
by kaylakayla91 September 29, 2007
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1. omg but with more emphasis, implies that you are actually speaking the letters, not just thinking them when typing online.

2. very serious omg
He kissed her? OH.EM.GEE. you're kidding right?
by er!ka Dorkface October 01, 2006
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making fun of girls who say OMG too much on myspace/aim/etcc.
ugh so annoyingg
LK OH EM GEE...not...stupid faces =P
by olivia&&alliee October 26, 2005
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