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Daunte. Daunte is the coolest, most athletic guy in school. The one with the braces no body makes fun of, because he is the "it" guy. He is nice, but weird. He is hot, but only to "weird" girls like him.
"Hey, is that Daunte?"

"Yeah! He is kinda cute!"
"Well that's because your weird..."
"He is too!" Sigh... "We're perfect!"
by Swifty 2 toes November 28, 2015
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a person that is ugly as a sack of potatoes and has braces. Is someone who is dirty minded and makes jokes all the time. is very caring , even after being pushed away , he will still forgive and continue to talk to you. very caring and kind basically all the positive things in life :") can attract some very clingy and crazy girls. some girls call him 'daddy'
"omg that girl is obsessed with him"
"I bet hes a daunte"
by Bbygrill mel January 22, 2017
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