to overcome with fear; intimidate.

the last name of a large english family, some of which moved to ireland when a daunt noble knocked up an irish maid. the family is known to this day to have children unaccounted for.
to daunt one's adversaries.
by Sam Daunt-Lasko June 4, 2008
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A noun used to refer to somebody who is both your daughter and your aunt at the same time.
Billy had sex with his grandmother, and now he has a daunt.
by bizzyfourtwoseven August 31, 2009
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He is the most amazing guy you will meet. He might fuck up some times but somehow you will always forgive him and still love him. He has been through alot but never tells anyone what has happend in his past because he hates dwelling on the past. He likes to play video games and likes being with his friends. He likes starting fights to. In general he will always be there when you need him.
"Daunte what has happend in your past"
"I don't look back at the past so don't worry about it"
by Truthteller122 July 19, 2019
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Daunte. Daunte is the coolest, most athletic guy in school. The one with the braces no body makes fun of, because he is the "it" guy. He is nice, but weird. He is hot, but only to "weird" girls like him.
"Hey, is that Daunte?"

"Yeah! He is kinda cute!"
"Well that's because your weird..."
"He is too!" Sigh... "We're perfect!"
by Swifty 2 toes October 10, 2015
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a person that kinda famous on any social media, he is fine as fuck and has braces or grills. Has long hair, Is someone who is dirty minded and makes jokes all the time, is very caring , he doesn’t chase females , he never had a real gf. He’s very caring and kind basically all the positive things in life. He likes to play video games and likes being with his friends. Everyone thinks “Daunte” hoes. He can attract some very clingy and crazy girls, some girls call him “daddy” or “papi”. He’s also a horn ball so if your dtf tell him, trust me he’ll be ready.
“Is That Daunte?”
“Omg is that’s Daunte, he’s so cute.”
I love you Daunte.”
“Daunte Where’s My Hug?”
by Carryin November 22, 2021
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Daunte can be such an angry kid that doesn't like to lose in life. He has hard times trying to get girls because he is just not the type of guy anyone likes. He is a very short person, always being under 5'0 feet. He usually makes people follow him and help him in school. He can get really annoying and obnoxious. But somehow don't say is one of the more popular kids at school. People think he's cool and all but if you see his serious side you will change your mind.
Daunte is that guy right there
He gets mad at everything
by TheRealkrypto November 23, 2021
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The literal definition of cute, affectionate, crazy, exciting, lovable, most intelligent, funny, hot, compassionate, problem solving, cutie pie ever and I love you so much!!!!!!!!!
Daunte is my baby!!
by livypoo December 3, 2020
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