aye we need to hit the weed spot dawg we dankrupt
by fotweny November 18, 2004
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when a drug dealer (the slang word plug) usually only selling marijuana loses or has ran out of the stashed drug.
Buyer: "Hey man, you still have that OG KUSH on you?"
Seller: "Nah dude, I'm dankrupt."
by iamnomeme May 21, 2016
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When you have depleted your supply of marijuana.
Yo boyios, I’m dankrupt. When we getting on?
by recorderlict April 10, 2018
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Being without weed or dank (a slang word for cannabis). Like bankruptcy. Dankrupt. One of the worst kinds....
I'd love to host the party, but I'm dankrupt. You would have to bring your own weed.
by Lifestyle420 February 13, 2019
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when you run out of dank and cant seem to find it anywhere.
I am dankrupt and waiting on that goverment stimulous check.
by TheIrieEyedJedi April 22, 2009
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When one spends all their money on weed before anything else
“Yo wanna go get some food?”
“Can’t I’m dankrupt
by WattyDaddy May 10, 2018
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