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To be the Dane Cook of something means to appear as though you have a certain level of mastery in your field usually due to status or popularity but upon closer examination there is very little coherence or substance.

Opinions of Dane Cook's comedic talent vary greatly. The rational however is that during his performances Mr. Cook gives out a lot of energy and expresses himself with wild movements giving the illusion that he is funny. Upon closer examination however, his material seems shallow and contains very little substance.

This was popularized by the TV Show Archer where the main character Archer describes Karate as the Dane Cook of martial arts.

Also, during a Family Guy episode where two generic characters are attending Mr. Cooks performance one character asks the other if Dane Cook had actually said something funny, to which he other character responds, that he since he is moving around a lot, he must have.
by Jimmy-Bean October 26, 2010
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