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Someone that is so fucking amazing it can not even be described in any other way
That girl lives in Jamaica? what a dandan!!
by bbmman January 27, 2011
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Cans of Budweiser. Named after Dan- an alcoholic featured in an episode of the television show "Intervention"- whose drink of choice was cans of Budweiser.
Let's knock back a few dan-dans before the club tonight. I'm trying to bring a girl home and throw her a quick soulja-boy.
by ihatejags January 29, 2009
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pretty much anyone who likes to be fisted in the ass, or enjoys gay butt sex.
Ethan: God, i love being fisted in the ass! and gay butt sex!
Haley: Ugh...stop being such a Dan Dan
by Deffinately NOT Augusta March 12, 2009
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very clumsy, can easily lose her stuff(even if it is very large objects), cannot hear what people say, likes to dance in her room randomly, like to say "ur face" insults
She thoought "sexual harass" was "suction to your ass". That's a dandan.
by drktmpst October 06, 2003
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have boobage; very easily scared person; cannot understand sarcatic comment; really bad accent; a college student with a sophomore standing as a freshmen when she's only 16; always hospitable; cannot use a fork and a knife together in a restaurant.
Look she's pulling another dandan!!!
by drktmpst October 04, 2003
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really bad interviewer, obsessed with enchantresses, sux0rs @ magic, constantly confuzzled, ownz a super heavy computer and phone, ownz about 907548937507846978561287648 mice, thinks her wireless keyboard is "all-that" and more, never score soccer goals ON HER OWN, can miss a a shot by a mile, constantly says "aiya", from NEW ZEALAND and say "observative", and mix up "desert" and "dessert"
Damn pulled another DANDAN!!!!
Question: "How was ur desert(not misspelled)"
Reply: "How did my dead fish go"
by drktmpst November 30, 2003
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