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Kelly: that guy at the bar thinks I’m going home with him tonight…

Rachel: yeah, GMFL, Todd.
by ButtDrubs February 3, 2022
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the resulting offspring of a seal and a penguin
*ARCTIC TOUR BOAT GUIDE* "And if you look over the left side of the vessel, you'll see a murder of penguin...aaaaand, if you look over to the left of the mass of penguins, you'll see an interesting mammal you may have never known existed. THAT my friends, is an ARCTIC DONKEY. An arctic donkey is essentially the bastard child of a male seal and a female penguin. Isn't nature neat?
by ButtDrubs April 14, 2017
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A burly & hairy hay man, usually older in age, who has dance moves better than the kids do these days.
Oh snap, that dancing bear can twerk better than those hot-dog-lipped- insta-influencers AND he can bust a move second only to Usher
by ButtDrubs May 6, 2020
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