Get with the groove, boogey-ing, dancing well, or breakdancing well
Damn, see that guy on the dance floor? He can bust a move! That, my friend, is groovin'.
by Cait Sith Cat December 9, 2002
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To pop, lock, and bust the freshest in order to sign up with some hot imported booty. Also a song by Young MC, based along the same lines of skilled dancing to get into the panties of moist damn fine sex on legs
by Digital_Messiah July 4, 2004
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To leave in haste, usually to avoid someone (or something).
by Dirk Rimbaud September 21, 2005
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"hey did you see bob last night with that chick?"
"yea he had to bust a move and got laid"
by cooliomcfly December 18, 2008
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Make a move in life, anything from making a hustle to knocking a guy out.
Well bust a move if you gonna bust a move then patna.
by Solid Mantis August 9, 2016
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Means getting down, dancing energetically to music that you like, music with a good vibe.
"Did you see that guy totally busting a move to the Bodyrockers?"
by Le Noix January 4, 2006
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