1. (n) the devil's son. 2. (n) the spawn of Satan. 3. (n) a major tool. 4. (n) a person who no one would ever let take care of an animal, or any living thing for that matter. 5. (n) the least liked of all God's saints
Don't play with Damion, he drinks the blood from dead squirrels.

"Man, Kevin is such a tool!" "I guess you've never met Damion, he's a complete douche bag."

Why is Damion kicking that dog?! Oh yea, cause its Damion.
by my itchy butt hole May 26, 2012
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A extremely gay kid with a dick smaller than an ant
Damion is such idiot
by Urban porn November 28, 2016
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Disgusting ugly , kid with no friends and has no life and no friends.
Damn, Damions Ugly!!
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A lying manipulator that lies and says his ex is crazy and obsessed then takes her to dinner and fucks her in hotel rooms .... hope she likes how my pussy taste.....
I divorced him because he pulled a Damion
by Phat_pat November 05, 2017
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A extremely gay person who is very kinky
“Bro damion is so kinky”
“Bro he tied up my brother like a pig
by BakubeaN March 22, 2020
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