The sweetest most caring guy you will ever meet. He has heart of gold and likes to argue, it's all worth it though because he's the best you will find. He's technically a porn star with a huge cock and some may call him a crack god.
I flick my bean to the thought of Damion before bed.
by Suckmyassplz January 06, 2022
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Lives live to the extreme. Never does anything small. Makes chuck norris look like a pussy
You had to go all King Damion on me and blow up my car.
by Green Team Three July 25, 2017
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They are a power couple, nothing can get in between them. They love eachother so much. But torie loves him more than anything it the world. Its in here so its for a fact.
"Omg you see that couple? Torie and Damion? Ik she lobes him more and he gots a big butt." Said a stranger
by Oofgirl26 August 05, 2019
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