Meens friend, croney, etc. Just like bud, pal, friend , bitch, but alot better soundin.
Sup my damie.
by Graveskate123 April 5, 2003
A close friend.

A main damie would be your best friend.
MAN 1: "Are we still friends?"

MAN 2: "You my main damie!"
by Aitlan Favafa April 22, 2005
I've got nude pictures of my damie, Taylor's sister.
by keldog November 21, 2002
A beautiful kick-ass girl who makes an awesome girlfriend.
Guy1- Look at that girl
Guy2- She looks just like a Dami
Guy3- She's gotta be a Dami
by young lover July 15, 2010
This is a girl with attitude she’s a good friend and extremely honest. Dami always stays by her word and won’t break unless there’s a really good reason. She’s beautiful and has a sexy body. She is also easily persuaded to do thing good or bad. She is also very aggressive and humorous. Dami is one of the best friends you could have.
Dami’s my best friend and always will be
by Pinky winky December 28, 2017
Dami is a kickass, Sexy, Gorgeous, Funny and kind girl. She isn’t afraid to speak the truth even if it isn’t the most kind thing you’d like to hear. Dami is a social magnet and has many friends.
Person 1: Damn get yourself a Dami

Person 2: I already have one
by KenzieMcGeeogle February 3, 2019
A highly intellligent, talented, funny African male. He is completely calm, cool, and composed. No one can ever be mad at him, and if they are, they get over it. He will be your boss one day.
Random Girl: "I love you Dami!"
Dami: "Everyone does."
by LilYeezy May 27, 2012