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1)the verb form of the word "dall" meaning to chill, relax, hangout. 2) The state of being that is the opposite of "whilin".
what are you up to? "Nothing, just dallen at the crib"
by D-Why! November 25, 2006
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A little bitch who can't do dip shit, and is a mega faggot, super white fuckboy and thinks he has the N pass.
Rebeca: I'm dating Ronald
Amelia: but he's such a Dallen!
by ItsYourBoiCait October 19, 2017
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a Tongan word meaning brother who i
likes to whine and try to get its belongings back after they are given away
dude give my stuff back you dallen
by sunshinecv21 January 08, 2009
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The Scariest and buffest dude you'll meet, but is the most unintelligent person you'll meet but you can't tell him that since he's strong enough to split your spin in a manner of seconds, worse then Bane could ever inflict to Batman.
"Zebraaaaaaa" said D'allen
by THE HONEYBADGER May 21, 2018
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