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1. Little Lenny on the phone with Shauna. Syn: Lenny, Matt L, Little Matt, Flossy, Bitch.

2. Someone who has had their testicles removed, taken to South Carolina, and put in a drawer for safe keeping.
1. Is he still on the phone with her? What a weak ass bitch.

2. "Does Lenny need a cup?" "Nah man, he's a weak ass bitch"
by Notaweakassbitch November 06, 2008
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A person that is weak resulting in them being someone's bitch, AKA a Pushover.

I wouldn't recommend making a Weakass Bitch your bitch due to the fact that these are usually the people that get pushed too far and then one day just snap.
Douche #1 - That guy over there is such a Weakass Bitch, I made him do all my work and if he doesn't, I'll beat the shit out of him.

Douche #2 - Awesome. *Highfive*
by Epidemick August 03, 2008
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The perfect insult to address your enemies with.
I can call these people Weak Ass Bitches:
-John Kerry
-Anti-white Black racists
-Middle Eastern Islamic terrorists
-Hardcore Punks with pierced faces
-Anti-Native American people
-Ultra-liberals of any race
-Your Mom
by Ur Mom November 06, 2004
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