Dirty Ass Kid

A nigga who only washes his clothes in the pouring rain, he smell like shit that fell out a plane
Dat niggas a DAK nigga!
by Blapstar November 08, 2005
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To hit, strike or scratch something in a very specific manner.
1. Hey Veronica, what happened to your car?

2. Someone dak'ed it when I was at the casino.

3. That's not quite what it means, I don't think you're using it correctly.
by Stinkerz July 08, 2012
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stands for Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Apparently it's 'nahtazu,' which you assume to be some swahili word, but it's a lame thing that Disney invented to prove that DAK is 'not a zoo.'

Check out the Festival of the Lion King, Primeval Whirl, and Dinosaur. Kali River Rapids is cool too.

An indoor rollercoaster is being built, Expedition Everest. Will prolly be pretty sweet. Prolly Disney's call to Universal's new Mummy ride.
"Why's it called DAK and not just AK?"
"Beats me."
by xavier February 06, 2005
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acronym; dak - singular; daks - plural
Dumb Ass Korean(s)
definition was created in central Flordia cicra 1989
Those DAKs wear nothing but black and white.
by thedude1313 September 11, 2005
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The anthisis of dag
You wrecked my ride...that was totally dak!
by TheDuane June 05, 2004
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