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Australian. Trousers, usually a bit more formal than jeans. Hence underdaks and trackie-daks
I always make sure I have a pressed pair of daks for the first day back after the holidays.
by Joan December 21, 2003
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Verb: Australian. To pull down someone's daks to around the knee for the purpose of playful public humiliation.
Dave was skivving in front of some ladies, so four mates ran over and dakked him.
by Joan December 21, 2003
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An exclamation of surprise or anger which is commonly used by the 13 year old black school girl town $10 whore.
"OGMZ!!11! No u dint"
by Joan August 28, 2004
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for example.. me ! Joan :P
by Joan June 01, 2004
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By A 7th Grade Boy in his Algebra Class

An insult, such as, meanie, meanie-pie, loser, and so forth.
"Give that back to me, you poonanner!!!!!"

"Alice is such a poonanner"
by Joan July 06, 2004
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