Crazy. Madly deranged and completely nuts. Foolish; stupid or mentally imbalanced.

Common british slang for daft.
Someone should tell the building super that the daffy french woman has locked the fire escapes with padlocks again.
by soma616 October 16, 2005
Absolutely and completely nuts. Crazy. Mentally ruined or imbalanced. Coined by South Park in 2004,
Whoah, that dude has lost it, that fucker’s completely daffy man!
by schweinsberg April 15, 2005
often interchanged with the word krunk; to explain something enjoyable or someone cool.
That party was so daffy!
Mary is the daffiest person I know!
by Chuck March 2, 2004
Mario Bros 3 is Daffi
by Mynoduesp825 October 18, 2019
the best friend you could ever have good at sports loyal perfect in everyway strong brave and likes to be on her phone alot
by kk-paul101 May 14, 2018
Slang term for Nootropic drugs (smart drugs or cognitive enhancers). The words stems not from just a single Nootropic drug but from a broad use of the word for all Nootropic drugs.
I need some Daffy to get me through that long night shift.
Dreaming of Daffy Days to clear the work fog.
by Zyklon8 August 2, 2017