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A nootropic, or smart drug, is any non-toxic substance that can increase cognition, memory, focus, energy, proble solving skills, mood, motivation, strength, agility, dexterity, coordination, lifestyle and/or reduce anxiety. Nootropics are typically non-toxic smart drugs. A nootropic typically has little to no side effects at appropiate doses and have little to no chance of causing addiction or serious withdrawal symptoms. Nootropics usually have little to no side effects. Intentional misuse by taking massive overdoses can be harmful or fatal. Not all cognitive enhancers are nootropics. Some nootropics increase energy, some increase memory and problem solving skills, and some nootropics decrease anxiety.
school student 1: I've got all this work to do and it's hard!
school student 2: Just try some nootropics. They're non-toxic smart drugs that make studying easier.
school student 1: really?
school student 2: Yes. Infact, some nootropics even induces brain cell growth.
Here's some cyclopentamine.
school student 1: Wow! Now I have much more energy and focus!
Cyclopentamine, 1-Cyclopentyl-2-AminoPropane, Phenylpiracetam, low doses of 2C-I, low doses of 2C-D, tametraline, low doses of 2C-C, phenibut, NSI-189, low doses of shrooms, aniracetam, Arecoline, 2C-NPH (2C-G-N) and Fluorenol are all nootropics.
by CognitiveFuel October 16, 2014
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