Korean word (대박). Means "big win", "great success" or something awesome.
A: Oh my! That song was daebak!
B: I know right!
by Tabeko October 3, 2010
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The Korean expression to praise something that is big, positive and great. Taeyeon from Korean girl band popularize this word for she often comment on many things that amazed her.
Seohyun: Tiffany is singing so beautifully.
Taeyeon: Tiffany, Daebak!
by seobaby December 9, 2011
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1) a word to release the inner awesomeness in one's soul
2) a romanised korean word meaning awesome
3) a word used to describe something very heavenly
"Oppar, you have lost your daebakly thicc thighs and daebak abs"
by hello jiejie March 18, 2019
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korean slang for "wow" or "cool" etc.
"yaaa, daebak!!"
"did you see how fast he ran, daebak"
by hoteldel_leejieun January 6, 2020
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Daebak (Lee Sian) is the nickname given to the son of South Korean football striker Lee Dong Gook who currently plays for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Daebak appears on the Sunday variety show "The Return of Superman along with his father and 4 sisters.
Daebak Tells His Dad Lee Dong Gook which name he wants to be called
by MadeinSeoul May 29, 2019
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This word here means Amazing in Korean. You can say Daebak when you love a music video.
BTS: *Publishes Black Swan*
Me: WOAhhhhhhhh DAEBAK
by #ARMY4EVER February 10, 2020
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