A female of Korean descent, usually but not always from a Christian background, can be stubborn, easily jealous, affectionate toward both sexes, passive-agressive, and often humorous. There is controversy over their beauty. Many believe that Korean females are in the top of the hierarchy of Asian beauty due to the popular Korean media and dramas. But there is a contradiction. Many think that FOBS (Fresh Off the Boat, or those who have moved here recently)are unattractive, while ABK women (American Born Korean) are generally beautiful unlike their foreign sisters. After conducting two different surveys, "Korean girls" was the most replied answer. The surveys were conducted toward both men and women: "Who are the prettiest Asian girls?" and the other was "Who are the most imcompatible Asian girls?" This may show a link between their beauty and ego, which tends to harm their reputation among other Asian ethnicities.
I've experienced many conversations like this: "Who's your friend?" : "A korean girl" : "Oh *makes slight face*" : "Haha no this one is actually nice" : "oh...is she a fob?" : "No" : "Oh is she pretty then?" : "Yea she's cute"
by Yamahattie April 29, 2007
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Beutiful and smart girls who are from Korea (duh)

They are usually nice but they can
back stab...a LOT

Some of them prefer white guys and some only likes
Asian people.

They are just like normal teenage girls in the USA
ex:) they read manga- that are from either japan or korea
they chase after celebrities, and they are very
interested in fashion and going on a diet...

But anyway, Korean girls are DA BEST!!!
(they rule over japanese girls who are very sultty or are fake inside-and-out)
american 1- hey, who's that new girl? She is soooo pretty and nice!

american 2- oh, she is the new Korean girl... she is super smart but very prude...
by korean_girl October 1, 2006
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A female from South Korea. They are considered to be at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to looks, and often have a spicy personality, unlike girls from other countries. Korean girls are hot and have a great sense of humor, and will always give you a fun time. If you ever get the opportunity to date a korean girl, they will make you feel like a king (they have a high sex drive and are always dtf). What's more, they make the best girlfriends and wives because they're so sweet and caring, and without a doubt would make the best mothers.
"Man korean girls are so fucking hot I wish I could marry one."
by justamediocreman June 28, 2020
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The emotionally hightened state Korean girls enter when something doesn't go their way or at a perceived slight. Consists of tantrums and various threats and insults to manhood until the problem is resolved. May frequently relapse regardless of solutions and memory for these issues is infinite.
"Hey, why is Esther so mad? The waiter didn't being her any bread, just going crazy Korean girl"
by Meat potatoes and kimchi October 25, 2013
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bae suzy is the one and only it girl. blonks stfu
w person: bae suzy = korean it girl!

ugly ass blonk: NO ITS JENNIE ( lies )

w person: ky$
by 최 수빈 May 2, 2022
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