person who is an Avetard and Ou Tard and is lit asf and the best roomie on the block, also the plug for weed, also happens to have an insane weed tolerence
Froomie told us we can use his dab rig to smoke tonight.
by TurnM3Up November 8, 2019
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A froomie is both a friend and roommate. This term should only be applied when you have a really great, wonderful, ideal, exceptional, roommate who is also a very good (in some cases your BEST), honorable, terrific, and sublime friend. It should not be used if you have a good friend but they are bad roommate or if you have good roommate but they are not that great of a friend. In those cases, they are just your friend or roommate. If you have froomie, cherish them!
Sarah and Mary have been loyal best friends for five years and harmoniously living together for three years. That makes them froomies.
by Mimi1001 August 3, 2010
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Future Roomie

Only in terms of excitement/love -- not a negative connotation.
Hey froomie! So excited to be living with you next year!
by secretid May 23, 2007
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the most badass girls the formal room as ever seen. A combination of "formal" and "roomies", it describes some of the most GLAMorous women to step in the room. They are always together, and bring the party wherever they go. Oh and they are literally SMANGIN, and sexy as HELL
Oh you mean those SMANGIN froomies? Totally did, and they are the most badass chicks central Illinois has EVER seen
by Kamry Tay March 14, 2011
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A combination of the words "friend" and the shortening of roommate ("roomie"). It describes two people who are not only roommates but also close friends and confidantes.
Friend: Hey, I noticed you two spend a lot of time together and you live together, you must be good friends.

Froomie 1: We're more than good friends...

Froomie 2: ...We're froomies!
by word_wizard February 17, 2009
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A friend who's also a roommate. This can go for anything as well, not just roommates.
This is my froomie, we just moved in together.
Also frister (friend who's also your sister), frother (friend who's also your brother), and so on..
by DonkerCronker February 9, 2011
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Friends that also live together as roommates.
I wonder where my Froomies are?
by Michellyrenee6 March 4, 2015
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