The day the hottest person was born. She's beatuiful, talented, funny and all around great. Same with Boys!!! They would be hot asf
Damn she's hot. She must have been born on May 10th
by Devin Clint November 5, 2019
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National Hug day, Anybody can hug anybody they want and no consequences!
YES!!! its May 10 I can hug ______ Without Getting yelled at or judged
by MiNeCrAfT.GoD69 October 18, 2019
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Boy 1: Its National yeet day gotta yeet u sorry
Boy 2: oh no it’s May 10th
by Skulisti October 28, 2019
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Anyone born on May 10 is Loyal, kind, sensitive but most importantly will always stay with you and never hurt you, qnd always wishes the best for everyone
F: no way your born on May 10 let's be friends
by ghghghghhghghjd November 2, 2019
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the day of getting with the person you wanna fuck with and doing it for a long time. Then ending up together for a long time. There are no flaws on this day
by Louis Koch III May 9, 2019
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