a sweet hand shake, grab up and then pull out with a slide snap.
dab me up?

*handshake deployed
by let'stakeadab July 25, 2011
To greet someone with a handshake or high five
"Aye come dab me up"

"Damn you aint gonna dab me up bro?"
by Secktr April 5, 2016
When you suck the dick of the person you are talking too
Hey Bro, Come Dab Me Up

Hey Let me Dab you Up homie
by 6969SuccZuccXxx October 22, 2018
dab me up means to put yellow thc oil/wax/shatter/dab into a smoking or vaping mechanism in order to get medicated or high. Sometimes confused with dap / dap me up , which is actually an unspoken greeting by fist pounding but is different then the game of bloody knuckles.
by Anonygnostymo217 August 6, 2018
Give him/her a handshake
For exampl: dab me up bro or this my nigga tyreek dab em up he part of us now
by Lucas18 May 9, 2017