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An unspoken greeting performed or done by fist bumping, tapping, or hitting. Usually only by tapping light. Sometimes a person is agressive n hits the other fist hard. It's usually only spoken if the other person is unaware or if a person confronts the other about not doing it or being left hanging with a fist in the air... . Can also be used to agree about something such as a titty flash, upskirt, payback/revenge/karma, or getting high etc.... .
I was looking out for you bro, *dapped*, that's right bro you better dap me up.

Speaker knockers has a song that's titled "dap you up"!
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by Anonygnostymo217 August 05, 2018

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Anybody or anyone or any person or any group of people who likes anal sex, it could be a heterosexual person or a homosexual person(lesbians ladies or gay guys) or even bisexual or transgenders but most often used for a gay guy or gay guy couple or 2 gay guys who only hooked up for sex and someone else knows about it and is spoke of in a sentence.
Ex. 1; Them two guys over there are fruity in the booty, I saw them fucking in front of the mirror in the bathroom. ,2; Girl them 2 girls over there posted a video of them rimming and pegging each other's asses, so yeah they fruity in the booty. ,3: This girl so fruity in the booty she begged me to creampie her booty I even got the recording of her begging. ,4: Girl I found out my hubby is bisexual, look he so fruity in the booty I caught him getting fucked by a tranny, so he getting tested and I bought a strap-on to peg him with, he Gon be sorry he cheated on me I'mma tear his ass up, I also bought a chastity cage, ball gag, cuffs n this thingy here, he don't even know it but he Gon get punished.
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by Anonygnostymo217 August 05, 2018

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dab me up means to put yellow thc oil/wax/shatter/dab into a smoking or vaping mechanism in order to get medicated or high. Sometimes confused with dap / dap me up , which is actually an unspoken greeting by fist pounding but is different then the game of bloody knuckles.
Dab me up bro, let's get high!
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by Anonygnostymo217 August 05, 2018

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htc is an flexible multipurpose acronym
it can mean hate that/this crap
hit the cell/hit the celly/hit the cellphone as in hit it up meaning call or text or video call or dm or inbox or invoice someone's mobile cell or satellite phone whether it's smart or basic....
or could mean how things change
but pertaining to in brands of phones....(copy n pasted result from chrome search results)HTC stands for High Tech Computer. ... Now a days, it is popular as HTC corporation. It is a Taiwanese company best known for manufacturing smart phones and tablets. It was founded in 1997 by "Cher Wang" in Taiyuan City, Taiwan. HTC's smart phones are based on android and windows mobile operating system.
ex. 1

Q: don't you hate how that happens

A: ohh yeah man I HTC

ex. 2

hey mean htc me sometime!

i'll most definitely htc you sometime!

ex. 3

hey man! what type/brand of phone you got?

I got a htc what u got?....
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by Anonygnostymo217 May 04, 2021

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The term "Herbert" was an uncomplimentary slang term used by the acolytes of Dr. Sevrin. The basis for the term was a minor official named Herbert, notorious for his rigid and limited patterns of thought.

In 2269, they referred to Captain Kirk by this moniker several times, and Spock once (who denied the comparison), as the officers were interfering with their attempt to locate Eden. Unfamiliar with the term, Kirk asked Spock what it meant, and Spock told him, prompting Kirk to reply that he'd try to be less like the individual described. When blocking the halls of the USS Enterprise, they protested by shouting the phrase over and over. (TOS: "The Way to Eden")
Don't be a Herbert!
hey Herbert got the sorbet???
by Anonygnostymo217 December 15, 2020

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Super Saiyan, it's from a variant of anime shows and manga books or japanese comic books, it is a level or mode of strength or capability that is an advanced transformation assumed by members and hybrids of the Saiyan race with sufficient amounts of S-Cells within the franchise. It's fiction.
Don't go SS on me!
by Anonygnostymo217 November 30, 2020

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A device, subroutine, program, or person who keeps tabs on a transgender mtf or shemale or ladyboy ot newhalf or trans woman or transsexual or transvestite or an emasculated/feminized man. Whether they're passable or not. Whether they're post-op(dickless) or not. Usually refers to new-halfs or pre-ops with boobs, butt, n boner+balls. Fembois/fem-boys who're passable or genderfluid or genderqueer are sometimes considered a "tranny" as well. However this usage and context and diction of the word is not to be confused with the shortening or abbreviation or deviation in reference to transmission which is also automotive-mechanic talk or jargon.

P.s.(post-script) There's also other titles they use or are refered to as some can be used derogatively or taken as so...
What is he a tranny tracker???

She's a tranny(singular form) tracker, she prefers trannies(plural form) over masculine men but, she still likes men for some unknown and unspecified reason.

I just created this widget on this site that works through a program subroutine that keeps track of all the trannies who use my site. It also keeps track of keywords used by them or anyone else when they talk about the person.(not actually created so far to my knowledge just a hypothetical/theoretical/make-believe/not real thought or an ideal) It only keeps track for std n sti purposes but it's fun to know ho's who n what they have below or not especially it it's a big 1 and it can help speed things up n stop confusion and frustration but it isn't open enough to reveal names to public for confidentiality and safety purposes...only personnel can see and they are allowed to report to authorities and doctors as a preventative initiative.
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by Anonygnostymo217 October 25, 2020

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